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Selling your home doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming! Vendu 24h is a home buyer in Gatineau who can buy your home without commission: choose a purchase process of less than a week, from offer to signature.

Duplex, single family home or multiplexWe buy your home with no strings attached

Gatineau Home Buyer

Benefits of working with Vendu 24h

Certain situations can push homeowners to sell quickly. Vendu 24h understands your situation: as a home buyer, we offer an expedited service in Gatineau. Receive a fair quote for the purchase of your home in less than 24 hours.

Selling your single family home, duplex, multiplex or condo with a real estate broker is not cheap: the broker will take between 4% and 7% commission on the sale of your property. On a $400,000 sale, you will pay between $16,000 and $28,000 in commission! This is a significant amount of money, in addition to the repairs and inspections done before the sale.

Vendu 24h bases its purchase offer on reliable real estate evaluation tools to guarantee a fair and equitable sale price. Our home purchase offers are usually 10% below the appraised market value of your Gatineau property.

Working with a home buyer like Vendu 24h, you are guaranteed a fast and transparent service. No surprises when selling your property and no hidden costs: our experts make sure to explain everything to you before the final transaction.

Once the purchase of your home is finalized, we offer sellers a flexible takeover. Avoid the stress of having to leave your home in a few days, we can take a rental agreement for several weeks if needed.

Choose a commission-free, no-strings-attached sales solution with Vendu 24h.

Gatineau home buying process

1. Evaluation of your property

The fair market value of your property is calculated using reliable real estate evaluation tools. This evaluation is done in less than 24 hours.

2. Constraint-free offer to purchase

Receive an offer very quickly, without constraint, without obligation, without cost and generally without condition. This offer is usually 10% below the appraised value.

3. Sale of the property without commission

Finalize the transaction of your property with your Gatineau home buyer. Sell your home in less than 72 hours, without commission!

Gatineau Home Buyer

Home Buyer or Real Estate Broker?

If you are looking to sell your property quickly for a fair price, Vendu 24h is your best choice. Working with a real estate broker has additional costs, but also different time constraints that do not exist with a non-commissioned home buyer.

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Selling your home is easier than ever with Vendu 24h - Your home buyer

Questions about Vendu 24hHomebuyer in Gatineau

Determining the value of your home is now easier than ever, thanks to our evaluation tools that use data and statistics to instantly calculate the value of your property. We will provide you with a fair market estimate of your home on the date of your request.

If you’re curious about what your property is worth, you can start by entering your home’s address into our free valuation tool. We use data from the latest local and national transactions to determine the fair market value of your home. We can give you an accurate estimate of how much you might receive when you sell.

The value of a property is calculated according to precise and measurable criteria. The value of a property is determined by factors such as:


  • The type of home (single family home, semi-detached home, condo, multiplex, income property, etc.);
  • The location of your property (region, city, neighbourhood or sector, proximity to services, etc.);
  • The size of the house for sale and the lot;
  • The number of rooms and their layout;
  • Recent renovations and the general condition of the house;
  • The value of comparable properties;


These criteria are usually used by real estate brokers to determine the selling price of your home, but Vendu 24h works differently! We do not look at criteria such as the condition of the house or renovations when we evaluate, only the market value based on our real estate value tools.

There is no direct fee. Generally your offer to purchase will be 10% below the market value of your home. There is no commission, so forget about the 5 or 6% commissions of traditional brokers. Offers and percentage off market value may vary.

Vendu 24h is not an intermediary or a real estate broker representing another buyer: we are the buyer of your home. You will be in direct communication with us and will be able to ask your questions and negotiate the sale without any constraints!

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your home quickly, such as a late payment on your mortgage, a move or a divorce. 

If you are not in a position to wait several weeks because of a pressing mortgage, meet with several potential buyers, prepare your house for visits and make renovations, Vendu 24h will be of great help to you.

In recent years, Canada has seen an increase in the purchase of single-family homes and new properties. Financial assistance programs and subsidies available to first-time buyers, couples without children, single-parent families and households with children have helped make home buying affordable for more and more Canadians. These programs offer home ownership rebates, tax credits, home ownership programs and government assistance for home purchases.

Homebuyers can benefit from a maximum purchase, a purchase credit, a tax rebate and additional assistance for the purchase of a qualifying property. Homebuyers may also receive a maximum rebate for the purchase of a new home and additional assistance for the purchase of an energy efficient home. For renters, subsidy programs can provide mortgage down payment reimbursement and money to tenants to help with moving expenses.

For investors, there are assistance programs and exclusive packages for the purchase of rental property and above ground housing. These programs can offer tax credits, new construction updates and property tax rebates. Buyers can also receive down payment refunds and cash to close the transaction.

Finally, buyers can also take advantage of programs offered for new home purchases, investor purchases, flip real estate and maximum purchase. These programs may offer broker fee rebates and tax rebates, new construction updates and property tax rebates. They can also offer grants for energy efficient home purchases and tax credits for previous and additional years.

What is the impact of rising interest rates?

Rising interest rates in Canada are impacting home sales everywhere, both in Gatineau and the rest of the country. The market is cooling down and we are seeing house prices drop month after month: it would therefore be interesting to sell quickly to take advantage of the current value of your house, income property or condo.

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